New tech on display at Dynamic Supplies Auckland showroom

4 April 2024 

Marie Helm, General Manager, Dynamic Supplies

Marie Helm, General Manager, Dynamic Supplies

Published By Sean Mitchell, Publisher in Channel Life, Tuesday, 2nd April 2024.

Dynamic Supplies NZ has been growing the size of its Auckland showroom. This has coincided with the historically printing distributor expanding into other technology solutions. In a recent tour, Roger Bennett, Business Development Manager, and Marie Helm, General Manager of Dynamic Supplies NZ, highlighted the range of innovative products and solutions on display.

Roger opened the tour by discussing the integration of MaxHUB unified communications solutions with Microsoft Teams rooms. He also introduced Nureva, a unified communications solution famous for being so sensitive that it can capture conversations even when people leave the meeting room.

The conversation shifted towards Dynamic Supplies' partnerships with Kiwi resellers which are growing with enterprise sellers, underscoring the company's extensive network of both large and smaller resellers. Roger noted the evolving landscape of unified communications, helping customers diversify their traditional printer business to a broader array of IT solutions, reflecting a significant shift in the local channel.

Marie discussed the showroom's setup and showcased the versatility of their products, from UC solutions designed for home offices to sophisticated setups for educational institutions and corporate meeting rooms. One notable innovation is the PC Locs brand, a new addition to the Dynamic Supplies range. PC Locs' Lockncharge solution facilitates easy storage, security, charging, and management of laptops in educational settings. A number have already been sold to New Zealand schools and universities.

The Dynamic Supplies team also demonstrated the SchoolTech Phone Locker solution for secure storage of electronic devices, including a novel system for schools to manage students' mobile phones – an increasingly pertinent issue given the recent cellphone bans in educational institutions.

In addition to educational and office solutions, the showroom tour highlighted products designed for rugged outdoor use, including waterproof and dustproof cases and durable audio equipment suitable for marine environments. This diversification into durable, outdoor technology underscores Dynamic Supplies' aim to cater to a wide range of consumer needs, from the everyday to the extreme.

Marie and Roger discussed their strategy of expanding into new markets by leveraging unique products not widely available in New Zealand. This approach not only differentiates Dynamic Supplies from other distributors but also taps into unmet consumer demands, particularly for high-quality, waterproof technology products for recreational use—think tech for rugged offroad explorers.

A significant part of the conversation was dedicated to Dynamic Supplies' business philosophy and approach to partnerships. Marie Helm elaborated on the company's transparent relationship with key accounts, emphasising the importance of open communication and mutual understanding in fostering ongoing successful relationships. This strategy has enabled Dynamic Supplies to secure exclusive distribution rights and grow its local dealership network significantly.

Dynamic Supplies' new showroom in Auckland serves not just as a display of the products it distributes but as a testament to its evolution from a traditional printer and consumables distributor to having a wider technology focus.

With a keen eye on current trends and emerging needs, Dynamic Supplies NZ is an up-and-coming distributor worth watching.

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