Marie Helm: Leading Dynamic Supplies with purpose and passion

9 April 2024 

Marie Helm, Dynamic Supplies General Manager

Published By Sean Mitchell, Publisher in Channel Life, Wednesday, 3rd April 2024.

Marie Helm's journey from HP in Singapore to leading Dynamic Supplies NZ offers a fresh perspective on what drives business success beyond conventional metrics. Marie, General Manager at Dynamic Supplies NZ, has cultivated an environment where personal growth and team achievement outweigh traditional corporate ambitions. Her story, as detailed in a recent interview, underscores the transformative power of purposeful leadership and a deep commitment to staff development in creating a thriving workplace culture.

Marie's career has been shaped by a series of bold decisions, each guided by a desire to make a meaningful impact rather than pursue titles or corporate prestige. After an enriching eight-year tenure at HP in Singapore, Marie chose to return to New Zealand, not for a specific role but to seek opportunities that aligned with her core values and aspirations. This path led her to Dynamic Supplies NZ, a company she noticed was brimming with potential but lacking a clear sense of purpose among its employees.

Under Marie's leadership, Dynamic Supplies NZ has undergone a significant transformation. The company's environment was revamped to foster a sense of belonging and purpose, leading to improved employee engagement and productivity. Marie's approach was not to shine as the sole protagonist of this success story but to spotlight her team's achievements. She emphasises, "I carry the budget, I carry all the things, and if something goes wrong, it's me, but if something goes right, I want it to be my team."

One of Marie's notable initiatives includes empowering her staff through personal development opportunities, such as sponsoring driving lessons for an employee who lacked confidence in her ability to drive. Such gestures have not only transformed individual lives but have also enhanced the collective spirit and efficiency of the team.

Marie's leadership style is characterised by inclusivity, empathy, and a commitment to nurturing talent. This approach has cultivated a predominantly female team at Dynamic Supplies NZ, a rarity in the traditionally male-dominated tech and distribution sectors. Marie's team is proof that diversity and a supportive work environment can drive remarkable outcomes, challenging industry norms and fostering innovation.

Marie's tenure at Dynamic Supplies NZ has also been marked by strategic business decisions, including diversifying from just distributing printing products into a wider technology range. This expansion was driven by understanding market needs and leveraging relationships with vendors, illustrating Marie's adeptness at blending operational excellence with strategic vision.

Throughout her career, Marie has consistently broken barriers, challenging gender stereotypes in leadership roles within IT vendors (like HP & Brother) and now the IT distribution sector. Yet, she remains focused on meritocracy and the collective achievements of her team rather than her own rarity as one of the few female leaders in IT distribution.

Marie's story is a testament to the power of leadership that values personal growth, team development, and a clear sense of purpose. Her journey reflects a broader narrative about the evolving nature of work, leadership, and success in New Zealand's tech industry, offering valuable insights for businesses and leaders aiming to navigate the complexities of modern corporate environments. Marie's philosophy underscores the importance of creating a workplace culture that values each individual's contribution and potential, ultimately driving success not just for the company but for the wider community it serves.

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