OKI Pro Series Label Printers - Making Great Ideas Stick!

Discover OKI’s Pro Series Digital Printers

Packed with the latest in OKI digital LED technology, the Pro Series Label Printers take creativity and flexibility to a new level, with professional four colour (Pro1040) and five colour (Pro1050) narrow-format printing for a variety of applications.

Built to serve a wide range of print requirements, the Pro Series Label Printers deliver the best results every time. A true breakthrough in printing technology for the label industry, the Pro Series has unrivalled media handling capability. Printing on a wider range of media is now much easier with OKI’s label printers, and can include uncoated, glossy and textured papers, as well as synthetics with a wide range of substrates which can be clear, opaque, metallised, white or coloured. The Pro Series opens the door to a range of label media that inkjet label printers simply cannot handle, enabling businesses to say "yes" to new creative ideas and complex print jobs.

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For enquiries contact:
Anthony Szabo | OKI Product Manager
Ph: 08 8268 5844 | Email: [email protected]