Earn 200 Bonus Lexmark LEAP Rewards with Dynamic Supplies

DS Marketing  1 January 2024 

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Earn 200 Bonus Lexmark LEAP Rewards

with Dynamic Supplies

Join Lexmark’s LEAP rewards program to earn points towards rewards of your choice.

All Dynamic Supplies partners who sign up will receive 200 bonus points!

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All Lexmark devices have a point value attached (EG MX41AWD - 200 Points)

Follow the 3 easy steps below to earn points in the L.E.A.P Program.

  1. Participants must register for the L.E.A.P program and sell a "Qualifying Product" during the program period.

  2. The participant's registration needs prior approval by their employer to participate in this program.

  3. "Qualifying product" refers to any Lexmark product model listed on the Program website (www.leap.lexmark.com.au). Participants must enter sales data within 60 days of the sales invoice date.

How do I redeem points? It's easy...

Add a copy of your sales invoice or MPS contract to ensure your claim is validated within 7 business days
1. Click on the Log a sale now icon
2. Click Add Metric and attach the sales invoice or the MPS agreement and enter the product details, Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Quantity and Comments
3. Your claim with be approved within 7 business days (note: invoice or MPS agreement must be attached for claim to be approved)

Why Lexmark?

Through a unique combination of innovative cloud services and device reliability, Lexmark helps partners and your customers cut costs, especially during a time of rising inflation, gas prices and supply chain expenses. Reasons to choose Lexmark include

  • Durable, reliable and easily serviceable printers and MFPs engineered to last seven or more years—leading to fewer service calls, lower travel expenses and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Lexmark Cloud Services is a suite of cloud-based solutions that enables partners to access from anywhere, anytime, and automate maintenance and enhancements.

  • Cloud Fleet Management lets partners’ service teams remotely manage their end customers’ fleets, saving the partner significant time and money.


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